How to Secure Your WordPress Site

by admin on September 18, 2012

Here are 1o things that you can do to secure your WordPress site.   I agree with all of the suggestions they make.  But I have some advice of my own.

1 Don’t use Fantastico to do your WordPress Installs. Why? Because Fantastico uses default settings for the security features that are built into wordpress for all the wordpress installs it does.  So if a hacker knows these defaults all they have to do is use the information to attack your site.  Ive had this happen a number of times to my sites. It is a  really frustrating, and some cases it will take you hours to get your site back online especially if you don’t have back-ups. Which is my ext piece of advice.

2 Make sure you backup your site regularly. There are a number of ways to do this.

1 use a backup plugin.  Theses are programs that are installed directly in wordpress

2 use the cpanel back-up utility regularly

3 create a cron job – kind of techie solution but not really that difficult

I will be creating a series of posts showing exactly how to do these things so  check our site which will show you how to master wordpress

Learn more here: 10 Steps to a Secure WordPress Website | Copyblogger

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